Angela Tilger, RT(R)M

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I'm a (single) mom with a gypsy soul and a bad case of wanderlust. Travel and exploration are favorite pastimes of our family. It makes my heart so happy to share new places, experiences, and cultures with my boys. We are currently working our way through all 50 states and they have already collected several stamps in their passports! I see life, love, and happiness as a journey rather than a destination and I am always seeking balance; practice rather than perfection. I love learning new things and have recently taken up skateboarding, surfing, and sailing as we continue to embrace our coastal Florida lifestyle. I am passionate about health and wellness, particularly in the lives of women. I have been called to encourage others to step into their power, find their purpose and to live their best lives be it through my day job as a Mammogram Technologist or through my passion projects as a student/practitioner of yoga, meditation, and spirituality. I truly enjoy inspiring others while sharing my own inspirations, struggles, and triumphs as we learn together to care for our mind, body, and soul and to live our best lives.

  1. Love Yourself! We’ve heard it countless time, but it remains an absolute truth- you can’t pour from an empty cup. Loving and caring for yourself, your health and your wellbeing is the only way that you will be able to effectively care for your loved ones.
  2. Take Fearless Action! Do not live a life of regret; take risks and go all in with your full heart. Telling the Universe what you expect from it is the first step to reaching your goals and turning your dreams into reality.
  3. Forgive Yourself! No one gets through life without making mistakes. Rather than focusing on the missteps, become obsessively grateful for each day, each opportunity, and each breath and watch how your world begins to change before your eyes.

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