Corinne Dietiker, Well-being and Development Professional

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I discovered yoga by accident, literally. I then had the opportunity to explore different yoga styles with teachers around the world, as I worked in international community development efforts in Africa, Asia, and Europe. I eventually certified as a yoga and mindfulness teacher (595 Yoga Alliance hours), offering various styles to people ranging in age from 3 to 82, in several languages, to many cultural groups in different places, including on a sailboat, in studios, and at refugee camps.

I love to adapt my sessions to the unique situation and needs of my fellow yogis. My goal is to teach yoga, but even more so to share ideas that integrate a little peace, love, lightness, and wellbeing in daily life. I aim to use my skills, teachings, and experiences to support others in their life journey. As it is your life journey, it is important to me that you decide where you wish to travel— you are worth it.

  1. Love. Love yourself. Be love. Feel it. Then share it. It grows. Within you, and around you. And the best part: it comes back to you.
  2. Keep being well. Keep doing what makes you happy. Keep sharing good vibes. Keep smiling. Keep breathing consciously. Keep exercising. Keep eating well.
  3. Peace, please. Take a moment to connect with yourself. Find your inner peace. It’s the biggest gift you can give yourself and to others. Inner peace contributes to world peace.

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