Courtney Bauer, Soul Expert

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I grew up as the child who saw the sky a few shades different than the common eye. For a while, I described the colors just as they appeared, but over time, I learned it was much easier to describe it like everyone else. The same would be true for things I smelled, heard, touched, and tasted. What I know now as heightened sensibilities, back then, made me "weird" or even "crazy."

I spent many years struggling to be "normal" when what I truly longed for was to be valued and understood for my style of sensing the world. In response to this desire for "be-longing" I created a Mind + Body Curriculum devoted to the cultivation of the senses as gateways for daily self-care and sacred connection. It is my passion and calling to help others fall in love with the art of conscious living as a unique expression of their soul.

Each month I hope to inspire practical insights for the celebration of the Mind, Body, and Soul, mindful musings to motivate positive change, and intuitive wisdom and action-oriented skills for getting in touch with what moves YOU! 
  1. Take a Moment: One day at a time can feel too short or too long depending on the day. After all, time is a relative concept, and life happens in a succession of moments. Get good at noticing more moments. Again and again and little by little, get in touch with the moment by checking in with your body. Being present in the moment doesn't take long and is the ultimate shortcut to experience life more fully.
  2. Live the Questions: Go light on the top-down mandates that fail to take into consideration the feelings of the body. Maintain a fresh perspective and well-honed receptivity to life's daily lessons by interviewing the body (which does not lie). Ask strategic questions that allow for feeling-based responses. Build trust and intimacy with "things" like bones, muscles, and organs. Stay curious, listen attentively—do not force answers. Always seek to understand, and wisdom will be the earned reward.
  3. Cherish the Breath: “Just breathe” is a good start, but what does that really mean? Take a moment to live the question. What is your relationship with the phrase "Just breathe"? Don't get stuck pontificating this phrase in your head. Keep it personal. Go to the direct source of wisdom on the subject—your body! Come to know the magic of the breath firsthand. Find out for yourself why to "just breathe" is, perhaps, the first if not the only step needed to answer even the most puzzling questions. In the process, you may also find the breath to be a most cherished ally that's been there all along.

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