Dina R. D’Alessandro, Healthful Lifestyle Coach

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For over thirty years, I have been obsessed with food, cooking, and nutrition, but my professional career shot off in a different direction soon after I graduated college when I became a meeting planner and project manager. About nine years ago, as a hobby, I started coaching people in reaching their personal and professional goals, and in early 2013, I decided to formally pursue a master of science in nutrition and officially combine these passions and skills of mine into the DishWithDina programs to focus specifically on healthful lifestyle habits.

I am committed to helping people embrace and develop new relationships with food, whether that means incorporating a different way of eating into their normal routines, establishing better at-home cooking and meal-planning skills, or shopping smarter in their local supermarkets.

What I continue to learn is that everybody is different. There is no one diet, fitness regimen, daily routine, or productivity program that suits everyone. My hope is to share with the Yoffie Life community useful challenges and information––and to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. 
  1. To fend off impulsive eating, prepare a weekly meal plan and do your best to stick to it.
  2. Don't eat anything without knowing exactly what's in it first.
  3. You have way more power as a consumer than you think.

Challenges by Dina