Gina Flores, CA, CST, LMT

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As a Certified Aromatherapy Health Practitioner, Certified CranioSacral Therapist, and Licensed Massage Therapist, my work always takes a holistic approach to health and healing. We humans have very intelligent bodies with an inner wisdom. Every single cell, and every single system, in our bodies is directly related to and has conversations with one another. Finding and maintaining health, as well as overcoming “dis-ease”is about these “internal conversations.”

My role as a therapist is facilitator and educator. My clients find relief from pain, both physical and emotional, through the use of these multidimensional therapeutic modalities. I love teaching my clients about their wondrous bodies, and through this anatomical knowledge they learn to access a plethora of information to assist their obtaining “ease”and well-being. I guide them through rehabilitative exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes as well.

I am dedicated to helping you become your best, and look forward to sharing my love and passion with this community. 
  1. There is an extraordinary ability of self-healing within the human body; trust, honor, and support that ability.
  2. There is a biology to our belief systems.
  3. Mainstream healthcare of the future will include new paradigms that focus on the whole bodyand not the “parts.”

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