Judith L. Beebe, MA, LMFT

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People and their relationships are my passion. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, working with couples, parents and children, teens, and young adults. Many of my clients come to the Judy Cares office to explore a mood problem, and to find out how their mood affects their relationships, and how their relationships affect their mood. Others are facing critical transitions or major stresses, and want to build strong, nourishing relationships that can withstand stress.

Most people believe that their sexuality is an important part of their identity and their relationship, but few realize that their sexuality can add life and deep meaning to their day-to-day lives in a holistic way, and that their day-to-day lives have a huge impact on their sexuality. I'm passionate about helping couples experience this life-giving connectedness between their sexuality and their day-to-day lives. I also help couples talk through and address sexual roadblocks and problems that they encounter together.
  1. Remember that you are sexual, regardless of your age or relationship status.
  2. Accept and nurture your body every day.
  3. Every day, find at least one reason to value yourself as a person, and to value someone you love.

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