Leah Matthews, NASM-CPT, RYT, PMA, PN, TYM

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I have always been a mover and I have always been an explorer. I love hearing my parents recall the nights I would sneak out of my crib as a toddler. Hours after being put to bed, I’d crawl into the living room to greet them with a grin from ear to ear. My mother would think, "Did we forget to put up the gate?” or “Did I leave the bars on the crib down?" No such luck. The gate between the dining room and the kitchen was up. The bars on the crib were in place. Somehow I managed to crawl (I couldn’t even walk yet) over both, literally! After those surprise visits, nothing shocked my parents when it came to me. I competed in gymnastics, dozens upon dozens of dance recitals, and was even hit by a car twice, virtually unscathed. I was always moving and always stronger than I seemed. It is no surprise that I would pursue a career in fitness.

I love to train! I love getting my ass kicked! Feeling my heart race! Gasping for air because I've conquered a challenge. Catching a wave, that beautiful moment of freedom after dozens of fails! Hopping off a ski lift and making it down the trail even though I'm terrified of heights! Taking in an amazing view after a seriously buggy, bristly-ass hike! But even more so, I love to watch another person become stronger, faster, slimmer, or more mobile right before my eyes. I love knowing that the work we do together has a positive benefit in their lives. My clients and I WORK HARD. But we have a lot of fun doing it! Finding that perfect balance between hard work and fun is very important because life is hard. Life takes work! Life takes strength, diligence, endurance, and direction. I firmly believe that the necessary qualities one needs to build and maintain a happy and successful life can be cultivated within a great fitness regime. 
  1. Respecting your body and self-respect are virtually the same thing.
  2. Food is fuel—what you put in affects energetic output.
  3. "If you don't have 'enough time' to meditate you need to reorganize your schedule." - Lady Ruth, Jivamukti Yoga School

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