Marcie Anne West, Holistic Health Coach, Elementary School Teacher

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As an elementary school teacher, I guide children in their educational and personal development. Maximizing a child’s ability to thrive in my classroom, and in the future, requires me to investigate and meet their individual needs. Early in my career I determined that children need extra support in building their self-esteem and improving their physical health.

My passion in meeting this goal led me to pursue training in holistic health counseling and yoga for children. This education made me realize it is not simply what a child eats that defines his or her overall health. A child’s self-esteem and personal growth are directly linked to how they treat their body and how they imagine the world sees them. It is my goal to build the confidence of children and increase their respect for themselves. I work daily to provide academic and emotional support and to educate parents on how they can support their child’s educational and physical wellness. My goal is to teach parents that with small changes in perspective and approach, guiding their children toward holistic wellness is attainable.

  1. Encourage your child’s individuality.
  2. Be a consistent model of good physical health and positive behavior.
  3. Hug your child daily . . . it goes further than you might think.

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