Marissa Hubbard, Wellness Chef

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As a wellness chef at a health-foods market and a personal chef to some very wonderful people, I take great joy in providing tasty and wholesome food to others.

I chose the path of cooking for health and wellness because I genuinely want to help people along their healing paths. I believe no person must sacrifice enjoying their meals in order to treat their body well, and I am here to share some of my favorite healthful recipes that pack a nutritional punch and taste as good as they are for you!

I also love to be in nature—hiking, swimming, going for a long run, and gardening. For me, exercise and sunshine go hand in hand with eating for wellness. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good cookie!

  1. To feel your best, include whole, unprocessed foods, straight from the earth, in your everyday diet.
  2. Get outside every day, feel the sun, go for a walk, and enjoy the outdoors.
  3. Take time to appreciate what you have in life, including each and every meal.

Challenges by Marissa