Ola Robbins, MPhil

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I spent most of my childhood in Placitas, New Mexico, with an artist mother who taught me to recognize the beauty in the forms, objects, and people that surround us daily. But it wasn’t until my first art history course in college—Revolution in the Arts—that I discovered that by analyzing art I could learn about religion, psychology, philosophy, literature, etc. That course set me on a path to pursue my PhD in art history, teach art history at the college level, and research and write about art, as well as interview and feature artists for a local newspaper. In all of my endeavors, I aim to inspire people to look critically at the world around them, and to use art as a tool to understand the interconnectedness of human experiences throughout time.

My passion for all that art ushers into our lives can only be surpassed by the joy of introducing my beautiful and spirited little girl to the wonders of the world. She continually teaches me to examine things as if I’m seeing them for the first time—a lesson that I bring to my students when they’re assessing a work of art. I aspire to show my family, friends, and students that studying art teaches us more about the world we live in and ourselves. That I’m broadening the minds of others and, indeed, speaking to their souls, assures me that I’m living my life to the fullest.

  1. Always examine art and everything around you from a variety of perspectives.
  2. Take the time to discover your own creative impulses.
  3. When visiting a new city, always visit the local art museum to understand its soul.

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