Patricia Maples, ERYT, CMT

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I am honored to be a part of Yoffie Life and so very grateful to do what I enjoy as a profession. A phrase I use often when discussing the human body is “glorious machine” because that is how I experience and see our physical form. Our bodies are our vehicles, for better or worse. They allow us to navigate the outside world, and they are the repositories of our vast inner terrain. It is through our physical bodies that we begin to access all the possibilities life offers. My goal is to assist you in understanding and conditioning your body so that you may experience your life via a finely tuned instrument, an instrument tuned to your personal frequency. I draw from multiple methods and lineages, but my purpose is always to help you, to the best of your abilities, find efficiency and balance in movement and structure.
  1. Know your body.
  2. Locate your center.
  3. Move with consciousness (for this, many thanks to Alison West).

Challenges by Patricia