Rebecca Baer, Nutritionist

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In my private practice, I counsel clients concerning their dietary needs and create customized nutrition plans to fit each person's individual lifestyle. I help clients overcome weight and medical issues as well as aid in the development of their healthy lifestyles. Nutrition education for children and their parents as well as adults is the cornerstone of my practice and my professional mission. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of the positive and negative effects of food in relation to the body with my clients and the Yoffie Life community. 
  1. Always get in your fruits and vegetables! Think of your body like a plant—in order to survive, plants need water and sunlight. Our water and sunlight are fruits and vegetables.
  2. Losing weight and maintaining weight comes from a balanced diet. Cutting out whole groups of food, starving yourself, or swearing off foods is a surefire way to fail. Balance is key!
  3. To be the best you, incorporate good food, effective exercise, and sufficient sleep into your life. If any of those are missing, then your whole body will be out of whack and only partially functioning. So remember to eat, get moving, and get a good night’s sleep.

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