Stephanie Sutherland, RYT 500, Pilates Teacher and Bodyworker

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Having grown up in the Catskill Mountains of New York, I treasure the healing power of being in nature, and how doing so connects your mind and spirit to something greater. Being a dancer since the age of three enhanced this union, as I learned how it felt to be fully present and in control of my body. In my core being, I believe we are all happiest when we feel this sense of presence and life in our bodies, and are connected to some greater good outside of ourselves. To me, this is health and well-being, and my yearning to help others discover this within themselves has led me to study meditation, yoga, Pilates, massage therapy, Reiki and energy work, and integrative movement therapy. I feel honored to help people slow down, breathe, de-stress, heal, strengthen, and connect back with themselves. When we feel calm and centered within, we are better people to each other and this world.
  1. Consider your actions. Be kind to yourself, others, living creatures and non-living things, and all that is in this world. In the end, what we do for others matters the most and leaves the biggest impact.
  2. Listen. We can learn so much from this humble act.
  3. Find your happiness. Seek out people and experiences that fill you with life, make you smile, laugh, feel inspired, and feel the most alive.

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