Side-Lying Adductor Raises

  1. Lie on the side of the body with legs long and the bottom arm stretched upward long and flat on the mat. Bend top knee and place foot on the floor in front of outstretched bottom leg. Place top hand in front of the chest, and rest the side of the head on the outstretched arm.
  2. Reach long through the outstretched leg, flex the ankle, and strongly press the hands into the floor. This is start position.
  3. Lift bottom leg a few inches off the ground, and reach long through the toes. Lower the leg to start position.
  4. Inhale; lengthen the side bodies, and raise top leg a few inches off the ground. Exhale; empty by drawing the lower belly in toward the lower back and up toward the ribs, and lower the leg to start position.
  5. Continue for 12 breath cycles and follow with the alternate side.
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