Supported Relaxation

  1. Start in a comfortable cross-legged seated position. Place a bolster or pillow in front of you and a folded blanket behind you.
  2. Extend legs and drape them over the bolster or pillow to supports the knees.
  3. Keeping knees supported, lower yourself to your back (supine) and rest head on the folded blanket. Extend arms by sides at a 45-degree angle (arm pits free) with palms facing up.
  4. Inhale for two counts and exhale for two counts. Continue this process of counting the length of the inhalation and exhalation for three minutes, twice a day. Gradually add time.
  5. To come out, gently roll to the right into a fetal position and hold for three breaths. Activate top hand into the floor and push yourself up – heart before head – to seated.
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