1. Lie prone with the forehead resting on the mat, legs together or hip-distance apart, hands directly underneath the shoulder joint. The elbows will be bent and the forearms will be off the floor.
  2. Reach the elbows long, toward the feet and close to the ribs. Take a moment to consciously lengthen the body: reach the legs out behind and create as much distance between the lowest ribs and the pelvis as possible.
  3. Inhale; slide the nose forward slightly to initiate the lift and extension of the spine. As the hands push into the floor, lift the chest, shoulders, and ribs off the floor. The elbows are still bent, close to the body and reaching toward the back of the mat.
  4. Exhale; retrograde the movement until the forehead is in its original position on the mat. Perform 5 repetitions.
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