About Yoffie Life

_J1A4748-copy-3Translated to English, yoffie means beautiful. Yoffie Life is the source for living a healthier, simpler, and more inspired life. Small steps yield big changes over time.

The Six Pillars of Yoffie Life—nutrition, cooking, exercise, simplification, relationships, and self-realization and self-discovery—are the foundation for the lifelong journey to holistic wellness. To inspire, focus, and direct you on this journey, a community of top experts in their fields serve as your guides. Each week Yoffie Life brings you insider access to information, tips, and techniques you need to reexamine and redirect your life.

Your lifestyle determines your path. Whether you focus on one or all of the Pillars, Yoffie Life brings you the information necessary to experience positive change—one small step at a time.

Begin your wellness journey today! Commit to the Yoffie Life Challenge to live a healthier life — YOUR Yoffie Life.

About Victoria

Victoria, an integrative therapist and wellness consultant with over fifteen years of experience, promotes a more complete definition of wellness to help clients reach their goals. Certified in over a dozen health and wellness disciplines including yoga, Pilates, weight training, restorative practices, wellness coaching, and holistic nutrition, Victoria emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to health that considers the history, tendencies, and challenges of each individual body.

Victoria’s personalized, goal-oriented wellness programs cover six key pillars of wellness: cooking; nutrition; organization and productivity; mindfulness and self-realization; relationship development and enhancement; and fitness. She educates and guides her clients, step-by-step, through each program, emphasizing that small changes each and every day are instrumental to long-term wellness. Victoria works with elite athletes, performers, models, executives, and socialites.

The overwhelming demand for Victoria’s comprehensive approach to wellness and her small changes equal big victories philosophy led to the launch of YoffieLife.com. The site not only shares expert, no-gimmick wellness information to the public but also encourages users to make wellness goals by saving weekly wellness tips to their personalized challenge board. Just like Victoria encourages her clients to make small changes for big wellness victories, so too do the Yoffie Life challenge boards guide users on their wellness journey and encourages them to meet their self-designed goals. It is Victoria’s hope to help guide men and women around the world toward a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life through YoffieLife.com.