Diane L. MacDonald, Med, NLP CP, RYT 200

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For the twenty-five years of my adult working life, I have been a small business owner and consultant as well as a woman passionate about health, wellness, challenging the norms, and searching to find meaning and satisfaction in my life and my work. I have experienced many occupations—mother, teacher, consultant, business owner, yoga practitioner, lover, friend, wife, and now a single woman. I have uncovered in my journey a sense of personal empowerment and fulfillment generated through self-examination, vulnerability, and harnessing a deep awareness of my authentic self. The road is not always smooth, but even in those difficult moments, these tools have supported me to continue moving forward and have led me to transform my work in the world. My commitment is to inspire women to unleash their personal power, drive through external and internal obstacles, connect to their authentic soul, and move consistently toward the discovery of their vision and purpose.
  1. Be willing to be 100 percent responsible for your actions, your communications, and your life.
  2. Live not with expectation but with intention, and trust that the right path will unfold.
  3. Be bold, be vulnerable, be authentic, and take time every day to love and acknowledge the beautiful and amazing woman you are.

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