Lisa Rome

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I’m inspired by the brilliance and beauty of the natural world, along with an acute awareness of the delicate balance it requires and the current manmade dangers facing environmental and human health. I am called by an eagerness to simplify and translate the big picture of sustainability into bite-size pieces with everyday actions. So much of sustainability is misunderstood and miscommunicated, and I hope to change the conversation about the environment by looking for real solutions instead of surface methods that further contribute to the problems.

I am committed to helping others understand their own everyday impact on the planet, and how they can transform personal and organizational daily practices to contribute to healing themselves and the planet. Our health is inextricably linked to the nourishment provided by the earth, whereas our industrial consumerist society operates from a conflicting mindset; many of our health imbalances arise from imbalance with nature. I love working with individuals and conscious organizations that care about making the world a better place for all.

I earned her master’s in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University, a Buddhist-inspired contemplative education with a focus on inner and systems transformation.

  1. Go outside. The solutions you seek will organically emerge in connection with nature
  2. Slow down. Doing less will give you more of what’s most important, both personally and globally
  3. Enjoy what you have. Buy what you need. Skip the extra stuff.

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