Mary Wallace Jaensch, Chief Design Officer, Last Big Gig

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Many people dream and desire to design career opportunities and options that let them do what they want to do, the way that they want to do it, with the people with whom they want to do it. The challenge is how to connect passions and dreams with skills and capabilities to design and build tangible, pragmatic career possibilities. Helping design amazing professional options is my purpose. After a long career working with Fortune 100 companies, innovating and creating new ideas to grow their businesses, I am using my experience, proven innovation and change tools, and love for new solutions to support people seeking new options and opportunities within their own careers. It often takes stepping off the proven path and creating something brand-new; it takes the willingness to rediscover your own passions and desires. And it is usually exciting and fun.
  1. Take a breath, a moment to listen to your heart about what is meaningful to you.
  2. Write a new ending to the career story that you have written so far.
  3. Let go of a few “shoulds” to make room for a few new possibilities.

Challenges by Mary