Peggy Shelly, Home Cook

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I started to appreciate the benefits of cooking for myself when I was in graduate school—money was tight, and a girl can have only so many dinners of grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell’s tomato soup. Once I decided to cook for myself, I had the support of the many talented cooks and bakers in my family, and to round out my skills, formal cooking classes. It is these years of learning, along with a strong belief that cooking is the best way to manage your wallet and your waistline, that inspire my recipes.
  1. The best quality ingredients, simply prepared, are the foundation of all great meals.
  2. A big batch of soup made on a Sunday afternoon, along with bunches of salad greens, will carry you through many a busy work night.
  3. Everything tastes better when seasoned to taste—so taste your food often as you cook and trust your palate!

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